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This is a recast of a 1920's store display mannequin bust and was made directly from an original model. This display is 23" tall and has a 22" forehead circumference. The original model was purchased in Europe and definitely has a "Nordic look"..........wow! what a sculpture!  Apparel is for display only and not included in the sale. 

This model was cast in a new composite resin (our own blend of resin + powdered porcelain) that is nontoxic, very durable and accepts paint beautifully.  The "skin" is matte, stippled and very realistic. There is a 1 1/4" hole in the bottom that safely permits display on a stand if you so desire.  It has the appearance and feel of the vintage 20's and 30's bisque dolls and mannequins without the inherent problems of the original material. My wife and myself are the only workers involved in the production of the decoeyes "line-up". She does the castings and shipping and I do the molding and painting. Together, we "mass produce" 6 to 8 models per week working full-time. Each display model is unique to itself and represents many hours of meticulous labor. Our objective is to produce a model that is of the highest quality and historically correct to the 1920-50's era (the golden age of mannequin production)



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