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This is a precise REPLICA of a 1930's department store display bust that was molded directly from a vintage model. The original of this head would date between 1925 and 1935. The height is 15 1/2'” and the base diameter is 8” that makes for a very stable model. She is an excellent hat model for a wide variety of hat styles and the forehead circumference is 22". Apparel is for display only and not included in the sale.

Even though this sculpture was not intended for public consumption, I believe that this is one of the finest art-pieces to evolve from the Art Deco movement. It resembles Picasso's early works and even has a link to early African art (facemasks). Each time I paint it, I am amazed at the balance, symmetry, and forethought of this very talented (and sadly unknown) artist. A friend's response best describes this rare and very different mannequin:

“WOW!!! Never saw anything like it! Almost a caricature of Deco
mannequin heads! (Of course, I think it's great!)  Notice the way her
forehead is the largest part, and then she gets smaller as you go down
her face? I love the way that plays off the cool "spiral" base. I have
some Lucite hat stands that spiral like that; it's a great effect. 
I wonder what kind of a shop was avant-garde enough to use a head like
that in their display??? It looks "ultra-modern" even now!”


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